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Storage & Serving

We recommend that our chocolate be served at room temperature. An ideal place to keep your chocolates is in a wine cellar or wine storage unit. If the chocolates have been chilled we recommend that you allow them to come to room temperature before you enjoy them.

Even though our chocolates contain the preservative potassium sorbate, they are formulated for their taste not for their shelf life. We place the creation date of the chocolates on the sealing band of each box. We recommend that you enjoy our chocolates within one month of this date. The chocolates will be safe to eat months beyond this date even if kept at room temperature, but they will not be as good as when they were fresher. The chocolates can also be refrigerated or frozen to extend their shelf life but the texture of the fillings may suffer when brought back to room temperature.

Shipping & Delivery

We currently do not operate any retail sales space. All products are delivered or shipped. Many of our filled chocolate cups do not ship very and we recommend pick up or delivery. We can ship all of our other products year round. All product prices are FOB our kitchen/factory. We normally ship using the US Postal Service. All Orders have a single Ship To Address. We can ship using other means if you wish and or use your shipper account. The web estimates shipping as $8 per box ordered. If this is insufficient, we usually cover the shortfall. If too much is collected, then we will rebate the difference to the credit card used. Express and overnight shipping possible if you contact us.

All other Shipping/delivery charges are ‘as quoted’. Email delivery confirmations from the carrier are used as proof of delivery. Special insulated packaging is used at extra cost to assure safe delivery to warm weather destinations. As a courtesy to our customers we ship gifts to addresses if supplied.